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General Medicine


Naturally Focused, Medically Trained

Everyone deserves a primary care physician who they can trust and depend on for all of their basic healthcare needs. MedRoyal physicians provide top quality healthcare to patients with all conditions, in all states of health and in all stages of life.

What do Naturopathic Medical Doctors do?

Naturopathic Medical Doctors take an integrative approach to treating all kinds of conditions. We combine time-tested, evidence-based naturopathic techniques with modern medical science to create a treatment plan just for you. We always aim to treat the underlying cause of your illness, not just the symptoms. We give you the knowledge, tools, and support to achieve lifelong health and wellbeing.

Your MedRoyal primary care physician is trained to help you:

  • Prevent illnesses
  • Heal from illness or injury
  • Manage your chronic disease
  • Receive annual exams, screening exams, and sports physicals
  • Order laboratory testing and imaging studies
  • Reduce the side effects of prescription drugs and find alternative treatments
  • Obtain a referral to a medical specialist
  • Receive urgent care
  • Find a diagnosis and solution to your health problems
  • And more…

What to expect at your appointment:

At MedRoyal, initial visits typically last for an hour or longer because we know how important it is to take time to listen to our patients. We promise to spend as much time as it takes to hear all of your concerns and answer all of your questions. And any questions that you have after you leave will be quickly addressed with a phone call or email direct from your physician.


MedRoyal Doctors that specializes in Primary Care.

Dr. Yiqiu Hu

Naturopathic Medical Doctor

Naturopathic Urgent Care, Autoimmune Conditions, Food Intolerance

Dr. Katharine Schneller

Naturopathic Medical Doctor

Women’s Health, Stress and Pain Management, Botanical medicine

Dr. Erin Fitgerald

Naturopathic Medical Doctor

Naturopathic Urgent Care, Pharmacology, Community Medicine

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