Hair Restoration

Natural Alternative to Hair Growth Without Surgery!

PRP Hair Restoration

Hair loss and thinning hair is a huge concern for both men and women. MedRoyal offers non-surgical hair restoration procedures to address balding, thinning, and anything in between. Set up your next appointment at our Chandler, AZ clinic today!

Microneedling with PRP combination therapy promotes new follicular development and activates hair growth. The result is a significant increase in hair density and thickness.

Microneedling uses a specialized device to make microscopic perforations in the scalp. Although this is an excellent treatment on its own, the benefits are significantly enhanced when used in conjunction with PRP. This includes the addition of growth factors that are isolated from your own blood, which initiates a healing cascade, resulting in new follicular growth and increased hair density. As a natural autologous therapy, the safety profile is excellent for almost any patient. There is no downtime, minimal pain, and most importantly, the results are long-lasting and noticeable.

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